mandag 12. november 2012

Grand Opening

So yeah, I finally managed to put my ex-shitty little distro online. After one year, one release and 3k new titles. I just started organizing shit and made a little mail order page (pretty fucking cute!). After one year of drunking around on local shows trying to sell my shit I found out that I managed to gather a quite impressive debt so I suppose it's time to start taking things serious. You can email me or phone me (once I can be arsed to get one...) over or (0047)92267720. I just added a little 7" category but there's more to come! Oh yeah, you can also find my shit on facebook... Please comment and tell me if there's anything you want me to order for you. I also always do trades! A big thank you to Boligaksjonen and Kakkerlakken (ex-torggata 13) for profiting my capitalist scumness through great political action against gentrification! I owe you BIG TIME!

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