torsdag 10. april 2014

Jenkem Warriors White Lies tour 2014 and EP release

A lot of stuff has been happening with Jenkem Warriors lately.
Release of both the new LP White Lies and the long awaited 7 inch split with Anti Social Rejects happened on April 5. in Blitz. You can order a copy of both through their bandcamp
With the LP follows a zine with art created by local artists illustrating the lyrics.

Jenkem is now on their third tour around Europa, this time for three weeks. If your a fan of Ohslow-Shittys finest anarcho hardcore, and don't want to drag ur ass all the way to Oslo, now's ur chance to see them somewhere else. Tonight (10.4) their playing in Rotterdam on the famous boat-gig.
 Here's the rest of the tour:
5/4 128:A w/Min Mamtmas Klimax, GBG (Swe)
6/4 Hafermarkt, Flensburg (DE)
7/4 Gauzplats w/Wirrsal, Hamburg (DE)
8/4 Alhambra, Oldenburg (DE)
9/4 Sociaal Centrum, Gronningen (NL)
10/4 Tinto w/Terror Defence + Reign of War, Rotterdam (NL)
11/4 De Onterbrek (PT FEST), Njimegen (NL)
12/4 Tubel Squat, Ghent (BLG)
14/4 Day Off (DE)
15/4 Alte Welt, Linz(AUS)
16/4 Menza pri koritu - Metelkova, Ljubjana (CRO)
17/4 TBA, Zadar (CRO)
18/4 Podrum, Rijeka (CRO)
19/4 YKMSC, Koper (Slo)
20/4 EKH, Wien (AUS)
21/4 Day off (Czr)
22/4 TBA Prague (czr)
23/4 Liwi, Leipzig (DE)
24/4 Köpi, Berlin (DE)
25/4 Veb, Lübeck (DE)
26/4 Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen (DK)

New t shirts as well! This time in green, white and black following the theme of No tomorrow, no manana! 
 Design by Skünk, printed by subterraneanprints
Can also be ordered through the bandcamp.

fredag 7. februar 2014


SO: I know I've not been so active on the blog updates lately to your great discomfort. Don't worry, I'm doing fine; I just got a lot of shit to do. The sales from the Bones 10" has been going great and orders can still be made (Please do so I can get these fucking records out of my kitchen and start cooking again!). And already; I'm putting out three new releases, phew!  No time for blogging away my days anymore.

I finally get to put out a EP with two absolutely killer bands from Belarus and some of in my opinion the best fucking extreme music acts as of today:
PARTIYA and AGATHOCLES are doing a split 7" and it will be out before the month is over. I'll receive about 230 copies but the records can also be ordered through NO BREAD RECORDS, MU-HU-HU LABEL, GRINDFATHER PRODUCTIONS,   DELUSION OF TERROR & ofcourse; yours truly.
For those of you who don't know; AGATHOCLES is probably one of the oldest strong-going DIY political grind acts of today having released (prepare for it) 144(!!!) records since 1985.
PARTIYA are a bunch of pissed off grind-punx from Belarus who've changed their style with every new line-up and album. I know them best from their CHILDHOOD tape which included grind, punk and crust with surf-guitars and salsa-elements. Fucked up crazy shit.
The EP will be out before the month is over and I'm superstoked about it.

S/T 7'' (2014) cover art

As if that wasn't enough; I'm also doing the european release for the canadian anarcho-crust-punx in
AZOTOBACTER (ex ISKRA, NO EUOLOGY and SEWER RAT). It's hopefully gonna be out by march and it's really gonna drop the bomb for all you HEVN, WITH HUNT and AUS ROTTEN fans out there!
Here's some samples from the record:

And last but not least, my band; JENKEM WARRIORS put out a benefit tape for food not bombs right before we left for our Food-not-bombs-destruction-tour in Poland. Punk Rock as usual and completely fucking mental. The songs are from the Nuclear Peace/Atomfred demo and the upcomin' split with Anti-Social Rejects. Also we put in a insert with our lyrics in english so you can finally confirm that we're not a dodgy band.

So as you might understand, I've been a bit too busy to entertain you with stupid blog posts. If you wanna order any of the above just send me a email and I'll find out the shipping! Wholesale prices vary.

Up the punx! A//E
-Yours Truly, Skünk El Paco

tirsdag 10. desember 2013


So, tomorow on december the 11th, the BONES demo will be released on vinyl, I've already gotten preorders from Malaysia, Germany and Canada and I think we will run out quite fast. Hardhitting old school Deathmetal with elements of crust punk worshipping the principles of DIY!
Limited edition: 50 copies on splatter vinyl! Have a listen at Bones website!

tirsdag 15. oktober 2013

BPD004: Bastinados / Bosonogo Djetinjstvo SPLIT EP

I said it was gonna happen and here it fucking is, I just helped my very good friends in BASTINADOS to release this split EP with  Bosonogo Djetinjstvo! Great mix of east block hardcore punk and mötorhead-style rock n roll! This is the new shit so get around! Both bands reign in Kroatia and this is the debutrecord of both. Believe me, Inepsy will never be as raw as this shit!

tirsdag 23. april 2013


Karsk suse! Just in: Several copies of each of the demo tapes from trash metal squadron "Infant Death". Both demo tapes are now available in the distro. Mailorder as usual. Five ex of each.

onsdag 10. april 2013

April 2013

I have not been so active with the whole internet thing lately. Please understand. Here are some new records.

Too Short Too Handle # 3 The Final 2013 International compilation in limited press, 58 tracks on 1 LP. 2012

 Across The Border - Hag Songs LP. German Folk Punk. 1994


Godorrhoea - Zeitgeist EP. Weird UK Peace Punk. 2011

Protesti - 8 Track EP. Finnish Anarcho HC. 1995

Desperdicio - Impulso De Destrucción! EP. Spanish HC 2011

Human Error - 10 Reasons to Kill Your Boss and Destroy the Whole World EP. Hungarian D-Beat Crust 2011

torsdag 29. november 2012

New 7"s!

Just added some new goodies to the distro section, thereamong the Severed Head of State discography and a lot of mid-90's american hardcore.