søndag 18. november 2012


Yes, I know it's been around for a few weeks already but concidering it's BP's first release (besides being a kick-ass record) I think it undoubtedly deserves some front-page space. The Ødeleggers has been playing drunk punk since the late days of 09' (?) and the H42 squat. After three years they finally put their shit together and put out the LP; "Ødelegg Alt" (Destroy Everything). My personal favorite songs on the record are "Atomkrig"/Nuclear War and "Gi meg Øl"/Give Me Beer, these two twangy drunk punk tunes are probably the closest these guys are ever gonna come to making a love song. They play quite a variety of music mixing in elements of ska, hardcore and lots of mid-tempo stuff. It's cool. You should spend your allowance on it... Fuck off, I hate writing nice things about people I know...
Released in collaboration with Lukket Avd., Ute Av Balanse Plater and Svindel Records. 500 copies.
Sorry, no lyric sheet with this pressing. 

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