torsdag 10. april 2014

Jenkem Warriors White Lies tour 2014 and EP release

A lot of stuff has been happening with Jenkem Warriors lately.
Release of both the new LP White Lies and the long awaited 7 inch split with Anti Social Rejects happened on April 5. in Blitz. You can order a copy of both through their bandcamp
With the LP follows a zine with art created by local artists illustrating the lyrics.

Jenkem is now on their third tour around Europa, this time for three weeks. If your a fan of Ohslow-Shittys finest anarcho hardcore, and don't want to drag ur ass all the way to Oslo, now's ur chance to see them somewhere else. Tonight (10.4) their playing in Rotterdam on the famous boat-gig.
 Here's the rest of the tour:
5/4 128:A w/Min Mamtmas Klimax, GBG (Swe)
6/4 Hafermarkt, Flensburg (DE)
7/4 Gauzplats w/Wirrsal, Hamburg (DE)
8/4 Alhambra, Oldenburg (DE)
9/4 Sociaal Centrum, Gronningen (NL)
10/4 Tinto w/Terror Defence + Reign of War, Rotterdam (NL)
11/4 De Onterbrek (PT FEST), Njimegen (NL)
12/4 Tubel Squat, Ghent (BLG)
14/4 Day Off (DE)
15/4 Alte Welt, Linz(AUS)
16/4 Menza pri koritu - Metelkova, Ljubjana (CRO)
17/4 TBA, Zadar (CRO)
18/4 Podrum, Rijeka (CRO)
19/4 YKMSC, Koper (Slo)
20/4 EKH, Wien (AUS)
21/4 Day off (Czr)
22/4 TBA Prague (czr)
23/4 Liwi, Leipzig (DE)
24/4 Köpi, Berlin (DE)
25/4 Veb, Lübeck (DE)
26/4 Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen (DK)

New t shirts as well! This time in green, white and black following the theme of No tomorrow, no manana! 
 Design by Skünk, printed by subterraneanprints
Can also be ordered through the bandcamp.

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